Topics in Computer Mathematics - MTH245(308)

Dr. Neal T. Christensen                                 Spring 2003, Tue/Thur 3:45 - 5:15

Course Description/Scope:

A study of computer-related arithmetic and mathematical methods selected from a variety of topics including: Number Systems, Number Representation, Boolean Algebra, hardware and software arithmetic and mathematical algorithms, Error Correcting Codes, Fuzzy Sets, Coding Theory, Computability and Complexity, Turing machines, and other appropriate topics.

Credits: 3



Required and Recommended texts:

There is no required text. Recommended readings and lecture notes will be provided.

Student Outcomes:

The student will be familiar with a number of mathematical concepts associated with computers and computer science. In particular, the student will become well aquainted with the Binary number system and its associated conversins and representations, and similarly will gain a firm grasp of Boolean Algebra and its use in computer design and computer science. Additional topics will be included which supplement the curriculum of the Discrete Mathematics course and cover topics recommended by the ACM 2001 Curriculum paper.

Procedure to attain objectives/Teaching & Learning Strategies:

Classroom lectures. The faculty's web site will be used extensively to provide course information, homework assignments, and appointment signup. Homework will be assigned. It will be spot graded; failure to attempt all the homework will seriously impair the students ability to do well on quizzes and exams. There will be weekly quizes, Mid-Term and Final exams.

Course requirements, weights, penalties for late submissions and absen

Quizzes: 40%   Homework: 10%    Exams: 50%

Absence will reap its own reward.

Grading scale:  

  B+: 84-86 C+: 74-76 D+: 64-66  
A: 93-100 B: 80-83 C: 70-73 D: 60-63 F: 0-59
A-: 87-92 B-: 77-79 C-: 67-69    

 Attendance Policy:

Attendance will be taken daily. In accordance with the registrar's rules, two consecutive unexplained absences will be reported to the Registrar.

Bibliography and Required Readings:

There will be class handouts and recommended readings, to be determined.

Topical Outline and Course Calendar (tentative):

Week 1
Modulo Arithmetic; Number Systems
Week 2
Number Systems
Week 3
Binary Numbers
Week 4
Binary Numbers
Week 5
Boolean Algebra; Review
Week 6
Week 7
Boolean Algebra
Week 8
Boolean Algebra
Week 9
Coding for Errors
Week 10
Coding for Errors
Week 11
Computability & Complexity;
Week 12

Arithmetic Algorithms