Ancient Women Philosophers


Arignote was an ancient female philosopher who studied thr pythagorean school of thought. Her father Pythagoras founded thePpathagorean School of Philosophy in the late fifth century in southern Italy.1. Arignote's mother was Theano another female philosopher whose philosophical belief was in numeration. "It is numbers that enable us to distinguish one thing from another. By enumeratign things as first, second, etc., we tacitly claim to be able to specify the physical parameters of the thing: it begins here, it ends there, and between the begining and the end is one object."1. Arignote practiced the same type of belief as her mother though there isnt s much documentation on her as her mother. Arignote had two sisters who were also late pythagorean philosophers, Damo and Myia. Both of these women also followed their mother and fathers school of thought.

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