Ethical Bottom line

The term, "bottom line", comes from business. If the "bottom line" of a financial statment is not showing a profit, a business will not survive. The term, "Bottom line" has come to mean whatever we will not tolerate, will not matter what.

It is useful for professionals to reflect on their own values and to see if they have an ethical "bottom line"; something you should not do for any reason.

If you have a bottom line, you should:

  1. be willing to lose your job than do this thing
  2. be wiling to lose your friends, the good opinion of your peers and/or family
  3. be willing to go to jail rather than do this thing
  4. be willing to lose your life than do this thing
Do you have an ethical bottom line? Remember it not a necessity that our nation will remain as it is. Tyrants have arisen in many times and many places so as you consider this question, do not limit yourself to just your present circumstances.

Is there anything that you think you should never do in the field of health care? Have you an ethical "bottom line"?
If so, what is it?
Why is it your bottom line?