A Look Back in Time    
France- The French Revolution 7,8
          1654   Louis XIV crowned king
         1720's   Voltaire and Montesquieu begin to publish political work
    1788-89    French state undergoes a massive revolution in politics but also
                      in society and the way people think. The calling of the Estates
                      General in 1789 was the catalyst for the Revolution
    1789-92    Liberal revolution
    1792-94    Radicalization
1799-1815    Napoleon- did he destroy or establish the French Revolution?
          1870     Franco-Prussian War

USA- 9
    1620--The Mayflower reaches America
    1776- Revolutionary War
     1808- revolted against Napolean
    1812- War of 1812
    1823- Monroe Doctrine
    1876- Alexander Grand Bell invents the telephone
    1875- Minor vs Haperset- The Supreme court ruled that women may not
                have the right to vote despite their citizenship.
    1884- Mark Twain wrote The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
    1886- American Federation of Labor, the first union was formed
    1887- Congress enacts the Interstate Commerce Act, regulating railroad
    1889- Jane Adams opened the first Hull House in Chicago, these homes
                provided immigrants with an education, shelter, and child-care
    1890- Sherman Anti-trust Act
    1898- Spanish-American War, Hawaii annexed
    1899- John Hay announced Open Door Policy which allowed for free trade
    1909- National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
                (NAACP) was formed by W.E.B. Dubois
    1910- Wyoming grants women the right to vote
    1916- Margaret Sager invents birth control
    1920- The 19th ammendment is added to the constitution, allowing
                women to vote in all elections starting with that years presidential
    1921- First Miss America Pageant

England- The British Civil War  10, 11
    1640-- religion and politics were forced to mix but were like oil and water
     1644-- reorganization of Parlimentary forces
    1649-- execution of King Charles
    1652--Dutch War
    1653--fall of the Commonwealth, beginning of Protectorate
    1660--Protectorate ends, a new parliament would be elected annually,
               along with the right to vote, Charles II takes the throne
               was extended to the working class
    1688--William the ruler of Holland was made King and he agreed to
               religious tolerance and parliaments claim to authority

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