Hortense Allart de Meritens
    Hortense Allart de Meritens believed in a universal Supreme Being and that with every scientific discovery this idea of God becomes more and more inevitable. Part of her evidence for this theory stems from Herschel’s astronomical findings of the organization of the universe and it’s surrounding space. The possibility that this arrangement occurred strictly by chance is 1:200,000,000,000.
    My personal faith in God can not be restored by this statistic because there is still a chance, a very small one, but still one that this world and everything that we know of happened out of chance. “Question everything,” says Meg Ryan in I.Q., a movie about love and mathematicians, even if it is God Himself.
    Allart De Meritens’ three hundred page Novum Organum, ou Saintete Philosophique, published in 1857 in Paris consisted of her theories on religious knowledge and its answers to many philosophical questions while also apologizing for the neglect of the Godly interventions with Mother Nature. 1

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