How does one do ethics?

The first step in "doing ethics' is to recognize that there is an ethical question involved in this medical decison. This is called becoming "ethically aware" or "ethically conscientientizied". If you think you need a review of "ethical awareness" go to this page

The second step is to be clear about what the "right relationship" is in the situation that you are considering. If you think you need a review of "right relationship" click on this page.

Third, one needs to identify the relvant questions that should be asked before making any decision. In thinking about the questions to be asked, one needs to identify relvant ethical concepts. You may find it helpful study concepts in ethics by consulting the glossary from Ethics Updates and the concepts page of the On-line Ethics Center for science and engineering at Case Western Reserve University. These pages will take time to read. It is worth spending time on them. I suggest that you book mark them and study them everyday for at least two weeks. This study is important. Without it you will not have the concepts or the vocablulary for doing health care ethics.

Finally one makes a decision. Some ethicians make their decisions as teleologists, others as deontologists and others as consequentialists and others according to an ethics of care.

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