Health Care Ethics

by Kate Lindemann, Ph.D.

This is a web based text book in Medical ethics. Some of the lessons will be assigned by the instructor but students are responsible for all the material on this disk, including the material found via links.

The course also has a class e-mail list and discussion board. In case school is cancelled because of inclement weather class will be held on the course discussion board. If you want to go to the course e-mail list or discussion board, you need to access the WEB/CT page of MSMC. See the link on the MENU to the left.

The aim of this course is that you become competent in doing medical ethics. If you do not have any background in ethics, you need to read some work in basic ethics so that you are prepared to do medical ethics. Materials are available on the ethics section of my faculty web page and you can use any academic library to find books and articles in both ethics and medical ethics.

This course is like "driver ed". It may be the only course in medical ethics you ever take and unless you learn how to understand philosophical/ethical texts on your own, you will not be able to keep up with the new problems that will arise with the introduction of new technology and new procedures. It is important to use these six weeks to work with solid ethical material [while you have a teacher at hand to answer questions] so that you are able to continue to work in ethics after you graduate.

Because the aim of the course is to assist you in becoming a competent ethician, it is structured with much self directed reading and reflection. I strongly advise you to begin this reading and reflection immediately. Do some reading on your own each week. I will assign some reading but if you confine your reading to that which is assigned, you will not do well in the course. Part of the course is learning to find, read and learn how to understand relevant philosophical material on your own. This take consistent self motivation and practice.

Warning Label Medical ethics is not the sort of course that you can study for "all at once" or just before major projects are due. If you leave the tasks until just before they are due, you will be "over stressed" and you may not be able to do them competently.

Finally, I am more than willing to answer questions or read drafts of assignments - as long as you give me enough time to do so. Because there are 30 students in this class, I can not offer to read drafts the class before an assignment is due becasue that would not give me enough time to read drafts for everyone.

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